Through Suffering


In the days between May 14 and May 24, 2022, 42 people have died in mass shootings in Buffalo, NY, Orange County, CA, and Uvalde, TX. In times of senseless violence and tragedy, we are often left wondering WHY? Recent events put cruelty in front of us and can deeply discourage us just as the first readers of the Letter to the Hebrews were discouraged. Yet, we have hope in Jesus. We invite you to use the two resources provided below and turn your hearts and ears to God as you offer your prayers during this time of great tragedy.

We want to share with you a personal Bible Study designed for individual use by you and your teens to process the feelings and questions that you may be surfacing at this time.

We also want to provide to you a prayer service for you to use when you next gather with your teens as a means for them to pray in solidarity with those who have lost people they love. It is also a prayer to entrust the victims to the embrace of God their Father and for the teens to pray through any fear or grief that they feel in light of these horrible events.

You can access the free Bible Study here.

You can access the prayer service here and the corresponding handout here.

This free resource is being shared with you on behalf of EQSaints to support you and your ministry in this time of suffering.

To explore more youth ministry resources, we invite you to learn more about EQAccess.