Lectio Divina: Pentecost Sunday

Receive the Holy Spirit. — John 20:22


Today we conclude the Easter season and celebrate the birth of our beloved Church on Pentecost! On this day so many centuries ago, the Holy Spirit descended upon Mary and the apostles in the Upper Room. They not only were filled with the Spirit, but began to speak in various, different tongues. If you read the actual passage in the Acts of the Apostles, the people that were in Jerusalem thought that the apostles were drunk on wine! But then Peter stood up and began to proclaim the Good News to all that were there.

Scripture tells us about 3,000 people received the Gospel and were baptized that very day. 3,000! It seems like a crazy number, but the same Spirit that empowered the apostles on Pentecost also lives in us. What seems impossible is possible with God. It all depends on our response: are we willing to receive the Holy Spirit and allow Him to abide in us? To heal and transform us? To convict us and conform us?

If we want a “new” Pentecost — a new outpouring of the Holy Spirit — then we need to be ready to respond to His invitation to adventure. We need to be willing and ready to be His vessels of love, eager to share the love of God with all those we meet. What happened 2000 years ago can still happen again today. If we want the Holy Spirit to renew the face of the earth, then we need to be ready to let Him renew us first.


  1. How can I welcome the Holy Spirit into my life?
  2. How have I seen the Spirit move before? Have I been grateful for those movements?
  3. Even in the midst of the chaos and tragedies of the world, how can I receive the Lord’s peace? How can I share it with those I meet?
  4. Am I ready to be sent out on mission by the Son?
  5. Have I repented and confessed my sins? If not, why?