How the EQAccess™ System Works

We’ve designed EQAccess™ to be flexible and adaptable, scaling to serve parishes of all sizes. With materials for both experienced youth ministers and those new to the field, you’re sure to find something that works for you. And with new editing tools that we’re building into the platform, you’ll be able to tailor our new sessions to suit your youth group’s needs.

Ways to Use EQAccess™

Prep for Sunday Night

Looking for something for this week’s youth group meeting? Search through our library of hundreds of fully-designed sessions, Bible studies, and retreats. You’ll find sessions built to support the full liturgical calendar and on a wide variety of other topics, with new sessions being released regularly.

Build Your Program

Not sure where to begin? Start with Equipped for Life, your roadmap to guiding young Catholics on their faith journey. This new 4-year program, included in your subscription to EQAccess™, is designed to be used over the course of a young person’s high school career, moving them from an initial encounter with Christ to an adult understanding of the Catholic faith, and laying the foundation for a life-long relationship with God.

Download Resources for Youth Programs of All Sizes

Using just the Session Outline—which contains a materials checklist, facilitator’s notes, and scripts for readings and prayer—will provide an engaging experience suitable for most youth groups. But many sessions also contain ideas for extending the session, as well as printable handouts, media, or games to help you bring the session to life. And with built-in editing tools on the website, you’ll be able to tailor each of our new sessions to suit your youth group.

Instructional Videos

New sessions we release will also come with an instructional video, with real youth ministers showing you how they set up and providing tips for leading successful session.

Key Features

  •   A Comprehensive Resource

    Download hundreds of fully-designed sessions and programs.
  •   Experienced Leadership

    EQSaints is led by a Core Team of well-respected youth ministers, with years of experience designing youth ministry programs that engage hearts and minds.
  •   By Youth Ministers, for Youth Ministers

    In addition to our core team, our sessions are tested by our network of partner parishes, who use the sessions with their own youth groups and offer real-world feedback and suggestions for improvement.
  •   Resources for Expanding Your Ministry

    In addition to youth group sessions and Bible studies, EQAccess™ contains resources for retreats, service projects, and community-building events to help you engage your young people, their families, and your parish.

Take the First Step

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