Saying “Yes” Like Mary

by Brandon Ocampo

Yesterday, we as a Church celebrated the Solemnity of the Annunciation of the Lord. This day commemorates when the Archangel Gabriel appeared to Mary to announce to her the special mission God had chosen her for: to be the mother of Jesus.

Now, this was no easy task. This news, as good and wonderful as it was, was also one that would cause swords to pierce the heart of Mary (Luke 2:35). God’s mission for Mary was one that required a heart that was abandoned to His will and ready to serve in any capacity. God is inviting us to a similar mission: to bring Christ into the world through our lives and witness.

How do we react when we feel the nudge of the Holy Spirit?

Do we allow ourselves to become overwhelmed with fear?

Do we doubt that God would equip us if He’s calling us?

Do we worry more about what others will say?

While Mary pondered the greeting of the Messenger of God, she did not allow any fears to win. She trusted that the Father had the best in mind for her. We may have some anxieties and fears in our hearts, but they do not need to have the final say. When faced with these stirrings, we should imitate Mary: ponder them and trust in the Father.

Mary’s “fiat”—her “yes”—opened the doors to Christ in a special, unique way.  This week, I challenge you to echo her “fiat” and say yes to the invitations of the Lord. He is often calling us to a new adventure that will draw us deeper into relationship with Him.