Lectio Divina: Divine Mercy Sunday

“Peace be with you. As the Father has sent me, so I send you.” — John 20:21


As the apostles hid out of fear, Jesus showed up in their midst. His first words to them aren’t accusations or condemnation for abandoning Him during His Passion. In fact, it was completely the opposite: He offers peace. In the midst of the chaos and fear, Jesus offers peace. He affirms them, reminding them they are sent out by Him for a mission.

Sometimes we can freeze because of any shocks or crosses that come our way. We are human, and sometimes our emotions can be too much, but we cannot allow ourselves to be conquered by them. Jesus offers us peace, comfort, and hope even when our lives are chaotic and messy. Even if we doubt like Thomas, Christ can work through us.

Today the Church also celebrates Divine Mercy Sunday. No matter what doubts or anxieties we may have, let us gather the courage to bring them to Christ. He doesn’t want anything to keep us from His unfathomable love and mercy. He wants us at home with Him.


  1. Have I, in some way, locked myself away out of fear?
  2. Where can Jesus introduce peace in my life?
  3. Where is Jesus calling me to? In what way is He sending me?
  4. What doubts or anxieties can I bring to Jesus?
  5. The words of Scripture were written so we could believe. Have I come to truly believe?