Lectio Divina: 21st Sunday in Ordinary Time

“Strive to enter through the narrow gate.” — Luke 13:24


In today’s Gospel, someone presents to Jesus a question regarding salvation. They ask if only a few people will be saved. Now I don’t know about you, but early on in my discipleship journey, this was a concern of mine as well. I was so focused on who would be saved, who wouldn’t be, and how I can save as many people as I can. It was until I matured a little more that I came to understand it’s not my job to save people. That’s the work of Christ. Our job, however, is to love others as He loves us. It’s to point people toward Heaven, both in word and in deed.

In response to the question, Jesus tells us to strive to enter the narrow gate. He doubles down on this by telling us that many will try to enter but will not be “strong enough.” Strength isn’t just something we have. It’s something we need to grow in and nurture. We don’t wake up one day magically strong, we need to exercise, eat right, and recover well. It requires intentionality and work on our part. In the same way, Christ is calling us to strive for more by growing strong in our faith so that we may pass through the gates.

One day we will all meet our Maker. We will ask Him to open the door for us. Will we feel anxiety or fear? Or will we trust in the Lord knowing we have lived a life of virtue and of service to others? We cannot strive for Heaven without trying to bring as many people as we can. This week, take some time in prayer to discern who in your life needs to receive the love of the Lord.


  1. Am I concerned about my own salvation?
  2. Am I concerned about the salvation of other people – especially of those in my life?
  3. Am I striving in my discipleship journey?
  4. Based on my life at the moment, will the Lord open the door for me?
  5. Am I in right relationship with the Lord?