Lectio Divina: 14th Sunday in Ordinary Time

The kingdom of God is at hand — Luke 10:11


In today’s Gospel, Jesus sends out the 72 disciples on mission. He sends them out in pairs which is a great reminder that we cannot walk the Christian journey alone. He reminds them of how there is a great harvest, but there are so few laborers. It’s the same issue we face today: there’s so much work to be done for the Kingdom, and yet we find ourselves short of manpower.

Warning that He is sending them like sheep among wolves, Jesus tells these disciples to not carry money, sacks, or anything with them. They’re even told not to take their sandals, so you can imagine the kind of blisters they must’ve ended up with! Oftentimes when it comes to mission work, a lot of things can get in the way. Even good things. In doing this, the disciples will have to rely on God and on providence.

The mission work of the Church is not always pretty, nor is it comfortable. But we as a Church — back then, and yes, especially now — need courageous men and women to proclaim the beauty of the Gospel of Jesus Christ. There are so many who have not heard of Him. There are those who have strayed. There are those who have grown cold and apathetic. The world needs Jesus. But not just in word, they also need to see Him in deed, in action.

The Kingdom of Heaven is at hand. Are you ready to bring as many people as you can?


  1. How am I working in, or supporting, the mission of the Church?
  2. Am I actively preparing myself (through both prayer and formation) for evangelization opportunities that may come up?
  3. Am I willing to follow the Lord where He calls me?
  4. Heaven and hell are real, how am I acting like it?
  5. The Kingdom of God is at hand. Am I ready?