EQSaints Is the New Home for Youth Ministry Access and the Certificate Program in Youth Ministry Studies

By Robert Feduccia

At Equipping the Saints, our name is our mission. We exist to “equip the saints for the work of ministry, for building up the body of Christ” (Ephesians 4:11-12). Through helpful resources, hands-on training, and inspiring events, we provide you with tools and knowledge for the evangelization of your teens and for walking with them into discipleship.

For the past several years, we have been looking for ways to grow our ministry and build on our years of experience producing events for young people and the youth ministers who serve them. When we became aware that the Center for Ministry Development (CMD) was seeking a new home for the online resources it provides through Youth Ministry Access and for its Certificate Program in Youth Ministry Studies, we knew we had found the perfect opportunity. We’re excited to announce that EQSaints will become the new home for these outstanding programs.

More details are below, or view the video I recorded with Tom East of the Center for Ministry Development, announcing the transition.

CMD has provided resources, training, and programs since 1978, empowering generations of Catholic youth ministry leaders in their ministry. I have been fortunate to have been associated with CMD over the years as an author, an instructor, and a faculty trainer. I know how valuable YMA and the Certificate Program are to our community and have seen first-hand the impact they can have on our young people. I am extremely grateful to CMD for their years of work in developing these programs, and their commitment to cultivating them for the future.

As we work to incorporate these resources over the coming months, you will notice several changes to EQSaints.com:

  • Today, we launched a new website which provides more information on these new programs, a modern, user-friendly interface, and which gives us a robust and stable platform on which to build.
  • In May, we will assume operations for Youth Ministry Access, and will relaunch the service as EQAccess™. In addition to the hundreds of fully-designed sessions in the existing catalog, we will release new sessions regularly, including a comprehensive 4-year framework for guiding young people from evangelization to Christian maturity, called Equipped for Life. The new resources we release will come with clear guides, instructional videos, and all the supporting materials you’ll need to bring each session to life.
  • In the Fall of 2021, EQSaints will assume operations for the Certificate Program in Youth Ministry Studies, equipping you with the knowledge, skills, tools, and techniques needed for comprehensive youth ministry. With our years of experience conducting in-person programs and new tools to power virtual learning, we’re making it more convenient than ever to take your youth ministry to the next level. Please contact us about sponsoring or enrolling in a Certificate Program for the Fall.

EQSaints and the Center for Ministry Development are committed to working together in the coming months to ensure a smooth transition for these invaluable resources. And EQSaints is focused on the future, working to make the programs more robust and easier to use, while also honoring the solid foundations that have brought them this far.

To help us build these resources, we’ve assembled a core team of respected youth ministry leaders, including Steve Angrisano, Alejandro Barraza, Brian Greenfield, Jennifer Kodysz, and Ela Milewska. And, of course, EQSaints is powered by Declan Weir Productions, Inc., our parent company, who will continue to work with us on producing events you can believe in—both in-person and virtual–across the US.

In the coming weeks, EQSaints will hold several virtual information sessions to answer your questions. And throughout the transition, we will provide regular updates through social media, this blog, and our monthly newsletter: sharing news on our progress, providing sneak peeks at the new platform, and getting to know our core team.

To thank you for supporting EQSaints—and to provide a glimpse of what’s in store for the future—we’re offering a free series of 5 Lenten Bible studies to help you guide your teens through a life-changing Lent. If you find them useful, please share the news with a friend or colleague.

It is an exciting time for EQSaints. We look forward to your continued feedback and partnership as we embark on this new chapter, and to working with you to equip a new generation of Catholic leaders for the work of ministry.