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What is EQAccess™?

The leading library and knowledge base for Catholic youth ministry, EQAccess™ was designed especially for Catholic youth ministers in parishes, schools, retreat centers, camps – wherever young people gather in the community as young disciples.

  • Download hundreds of fully-designed sessions and programs, with step-by-step instructions and all the supporting materials you need to bring each session to life.
  • Customize sessions to fit your environment and meet the unique needs of your group.
  • Expand your ministry with resources for retreats, service projects, and community-building events.
  • Access resources for confirmation preparation, sessions on saints and saintly people, and make connections to the liturgical year.
  • All authored by people with deep youth ministry experience and shaped in partnership with parish youth ministers, diocesan directors, high school campus ministers, and teachers.
Mix-and-match resources from the library to create a program that’s tailored to your youth group, or let us do the planning and follow our recommended curriculum: Equipped for Life: our new four-year program for guiding young people from evangelization to Christian maturity.

Equipped for Life

Guiding Young People from Evangelization to Christian Maturity

Equipped for Life is your roadmap for guiding young Catholics on their faith journey. This new 4-year program, included in your subscription to EQAccess™, is designed to be used over the course of a young person’s high school career, moving them from an initial encounter with Christ to an adult understanding of faith, and laying the foundation for a life-long relationship with God. Years 1 and 2 of the program are available now. Years 3 and 4 will follow in the spring/summer 2023 and 2024, respectively.

Year 1: Encounter
An introduction to the Christian life, this section is evangelistic in nature, taking young people from skepticism and doubt to a personal profession of faith in Jesus Christ.
Year 2: Discipleship
Developing the foundational habits of Christian life, from the establishment of personal prayer time to the teachings of the Church, to worship and community (Acts 2:42).
Year 3: Ambassadors
Becoming an ambassador for Christ. Taking up the ministry of the Church to reconcile all things in Christ (2 Corinthians 5:20) and to serve the marginalized (Matthew 25:31-46).
Year 4: Beyond
Moving deeper into the Christian mystery to take on the mind of Christ (Romans 12:2). Building the skill and practice of Christian discernment and introducing the lives of the Saints as a guide for full maturity in Christ.

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Year 1: Encounter, Module 2: Faith & Belief

These six sessions consider doubt, science, and evidence for God, both in the universe and in us. Each session contains a facilitator's guide to help you prepare and lead the session, as well as any handouts, resources, and slides needed to bring the session to life. Click on the button below to enter your contact information. Once complete, you'll be prompted to download a Zip file with all of your materials. You'll also receive our monthly newsletter with even more resources for growing your ministry.

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