Bible Study
Three Strategies for Increasing Teen Bible Usage
by Robert Feduccia “Catholics don’t know Scripture.” That is phrase is often said. It is often repeated. It is often laughed at. It should also be a challenge to those… Read More
Bible Study
2nd Teen Bible Study During Quarantine: Philippians 4:10-14, Being Content in All Circumstances
by Robert Feduccia This is the second Bible study in a series that can be used during this time of social distancing, we at EQSaints continue to develop Bible studies… Read More
Bible Study
Teen Bible Study During Quarantine: Philippians 1:3-10, Missing Christian Community
by Robert Feduccia During this time of social distancing and quarantine, we at EQSaints are developing some Bible studies for our young people. There are teens who are meeting in… Read More

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