Liturgical Resources
Through Suffering
(FREE RESOURCES) In the days between May 14 and May 24, 2022, 42 people have died in mass shootings in Buffalo, NY, Orange County, CA, and Uvalde, TX. In times of… Read More
The Week of Our Salvation
by Robert Feduccia We are saved. We being saved. One day we will be saved. During Holy Week we are entering into our high holy days as Catholics because this… Read More
Chrism Mass & the Real Presence of the Holy Spirit
by Robert Feduccia Here’s a theological thought that completely blew my nice and tidy, don’t rock the boat theological mind. I was with a theologian that I greatly respect. Master’s… Read More
Liturgical Resources
(FREE RESOURCE) Prayer at the Ambry
  This Prayer at the Ambry is an intentional prayer service to highlight the Ambry — the cabinet that houses the oils that were blessed during Holy Week by the Bishop. The… Read More
Liturgical Resources
How to Be Transformed by a Virtual Mass
by Robert Feduccia EQSaints originally offered these thoughts for the parishioners at Holy Family Catholic Church in Brentwood, TN. If you need to find a place that is streaming the… Read More

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