Mother's Day
This Sunday we celebrate Mother’s Day! We remember and honor all mothers — living and deceased. Their motherhood is a gift to us and to the whole world. St. Thérèse… Read More
Living out the Resurrection
by Brandon Ocampo Happy Easter! Yep, it’s still Easter. Easter is such a big event that the Church encourages us to celebrate it for another 8 days — an “Octave.”… Read More
The Week of Our Salvation
by Robert Feduccia We are saved. We being saved. One day we will be saved. During Holy Week we are entering into our high holy days as Catholics because this… Read More
Chrism Mass & the Real Presence of the Holy Spirit
by Robert Feduccia Here’s a theological thought that completely blew my nice and tidy, don’t rock the boat theological mind. I was with a theologian that I greatly respect. Master’s… Read More
Saying "Yes" Like Mary
by Brandon Ocampo Yesterday, we as a Church celebrated the Solemnity of the Annunciation of the Lord. This day commemorates when the Archangel Gabriel appeared to Mary to announce to… Read More
The Quiet Witness of St. Joseph
(Artwork by Raúl Berzosa) by Brandon Ocampo Happy Solemnity of St. Joseph, husband of the Blessed Virgin Mary! Many things have been written and said about the foster father of… Read More

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